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The Hawai‘i State Department of Education (HIDOE), Office of Curriculum and Instructional Design, initiated this resource in 2018 with the feedback of HIDOE educators to ensure we fulfill our mission: We serve our community by developing the academic achievement, character and social-emotional well-being of our students to the fullest potential. We work with partners, families and communities to ensure that all students reach their aspirations, from early learning through college, career and citizenship.

The Learning Design site is comprised of:

Goals of the Learning Design Resource

The Hawai‘i DOE seeks to empower all students to set and achieve their aspirations and support opportunities for students to engage in the real-world application of their learning through experiences, questions, and challenges. The environment is one in which students’ plans for college and careers are informed by relevant and engaging learning experiences that incorporate their strengths and interests and prepare them to succeed in their postsecondary endeavors. Students are encouraged to explore a wide range of career options and discover their passion through personalized learning experiences, opportunities to choose elective subjects, and access to internships and community partnerships.  

This site honors the central role of complex areas and schools to make purposeful curricular, instructional and assessment-related decisions to support students’ success in college, career and community.  The site therefore serves as a guiding resource for educators with a shared vision of producing responsible, productive members of a global society who  contribute to a vibrant civic life (BOE Policy E-101).

Welcome Message

Aloha and welcome to the Hawai‘i State Department of Education’s (HIDOE) Learning Design Resource.  The Office of Curriculum and Instructional Design has curated this dynamic array of information and resources to support schools as they continue to design standards-based, applied learning experiences to engage their students in rigorous and innovative learning.  

Users are encouraged to delve into the information and resources as we scale student engagement through authentic and meaningful opportunities that honor student voice and ownership in their own learning.  The purpose of the Learning Design Resource is to:

The site is accessible to our Hawai‘i Department of Education statewide. Additionally, it serves as an instructional platform to communicate with our families, local organizations, potential teacher applicants, and education and industry partners as we build a collective vision on effectuating our Department’s next decade of work.

We welcome and invite complex areas and educators to share culturally relevant, innovative exemplars and experiences that leverage high-quality practices to scale excellence in our Hawaii public schools. Please contact LDR@k12.hi.us if you would be willing to showcase the great work across our learning communities or know of others who should contribute to our growing network of resources.

Your professional contributions, collaboration and commitment to the success of our students is truly making a difference.  We hope you find the Learning Design Resource to be valuable in your work!

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