Academic Showcases

The What

Academic Showcases are opportunities for students to demonstrate their academic confidence and design thinking skills aligned to the Department’s Strategic Plan Goal 1: Student Success objectives. Participation in these opportunities provide student’s learning experiences that further develop/demonstrate their:

The format for these opportunities may be local events held during in and/or outside of school , statewide or national events that schools may consider supporting individuals and/or team representation. Examples of  showcase opportunities may include but are limited to the following types of events:

In addition, participating in these types of events provide social emotional learning opportunities in a holistic environment where students learn to share, collaborate and support team members with varied backgrounds who listen to and respect each other.  Communicating (verbally and visually) processes and solutions to a broader audience are some best practices that cross all content areas. These principles can be applied in a variety of pre-K to secondary classrooms environments.

The Why

Showcasing student work is a rewarding experience to highlight the hard work of students to a wider audience.  Research has shown that when students have a voice and choice in their learning, they feel they are being heard, valued and respected.  This gives them a sense of purpose, feelings of self-worth and increases engagement in school. Some of the benefits of showcasing student work include:

The How

When implementing Academic Showcase opportunities, schools may refer to the categorized list of options below that may be conducted in partnership with public and/or private sector. In addition, schools may opt to consult with the respective content area specialist(s) for guidance on selecting/implementing the appropriate type of showcase event. Here are some suggested student opportunities that are categorized alphabetically by content area focus and are not necessarily endorsed by the Hawaii State Department of Education:


Academic Recognition Showcases

A joint South Korea-U.S. student team took first place in the 8th Annual e-ICON World Contest in 2018.
A joint South Korea-U.S. student team took first place in the 8th Annual e-ICON World Contest in 2018.