College, Career & Community Readiness

Ma ka hana ka ‘ike, ma ka ‘imi ka loa‘a

The learning design resource ensures the provision of “a comprehensive and holistic program of academic education to inspire and meet the needs, interests, and abilities of all students…[and] includes a standards-based interdisciplinary curriculum and supports to develop positive and culturally relevant learning experiences that support achievement for all students” (BOE Policy E-105). Hawaiʻi can provide abundant real-world learning environments relevant for success in a culturally diverse, technologically complex, and interdependent global society.

The Strategic Plan sets a vision for creating “educated, healthy, and joyful lifelong learners who contribute positively to our community and global society,” and thereby conveys a clear focus on college, career, and civic responsibility. The General Learner Outcomes (GLOs) embody this commitment by focusing on “the optimum growth and development of each student” (BOE Policy 101-15). The GLOs support all students in becoming engaged, lifelong learners. GLOs promote college and career readiness as skills that apply beyond a K–12 education.

Ma ka hana ka ‘ike, ma ka ‘imi ka loa‘a — In working one learns, through initiative one acquires

General Learner Outcomes

  • Self-directed Learner (The ability to be responsible for one's own learning)
  • Community Contributor (The understanding that it is essential for human beings to work together)
  • Complex Thinker (The ability to demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving)
  • Quality Producer (The ability to recognize and produce quality performance and quality products)
  • Effective Communicator (The ability to communicate effectively)
  • Effective and Ethical User of Technology (The ability to use a variety of technologies effectively and ethically)